Friday, July 19, 2013

   vA well-designed database should:

§Handle changes quickly and easily

§Provide users with different views

§Have only one physical view
Physical view – deals with the physical storage of information on a storage device
    Have multiple logical views

Logical view focuses on how users logically access information 

              Increased Scalability and Performance

vA database must scale to meet increased demand,  while maintaining acceptable performance levels

§Scalability – refers to how well a system can adapt to increased demands
§Performance – measures how quickly a system performs a certain process or transaction
Reduced Information      Redundancy
vDatabases reduce information redundancy

§Redundancy – the duplication of information or storing the same information in multiple places

vInconsistency is one of the primary problems with redundant information

Increase Information Integrity (Quality)

vInformation integrity – measures the quality of information

vIntegrity constraint – rules that help ensure the quality of information

§Relational integrity constraint
§Business-critical integrity constraint

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